Feel Good

A Tale Of Five Tails

When it comes to good stories that give you the feels, you can’t get much better than this.

Five tiny gray squirrels were discovered last week with their tails all tangled together.  The reason being that their mother had used long-stemmed grasses and strips of plastic to make their nest.  In doing so, the little squirrels got the grasses and such tangled up their tails into something somewhat like a knot.

Image: Voodoo Video Centre

As fate would have it, a good Samaritan came across the knotted up siblings and delivered them to the Milwaukee Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of the Wisconsin Humane Society.  The rehab center took to Facebook describing the little bundle as a:

“…frightened, distressed ball of squirrelly energy that was very wiggly and unruly (and nippy!).”

Squirrels use their tails mainly for balance and for warmth as well.  As such, their entanglement had to be handled very carefully.  The center had to anesthetize all five of the little siblings, as they began the task of “unraveling the ‘Gordian Knot’” they had before them.

The task was a daunting one and wasn’t without challenge.  It was difficult to immediately determine whose tail was whose, and with the entanglement so tight, blood flow was being impaired resulting in some tissue damage to the areas.  But, twenty long minutes later, the siblings were officially separated and their tails disentangled.

Image: Fox6Now

A few of the little squirrels lost more tail hair than others, but in the end, they were doing quite well.  The center intends to closely monitor them for a few days, just to make sure there are no long-lasting effects from the encounter.

All in all, the tiny squirrels are quite lucky that the good Samaritan found them when they did, and turned them over to the center.  Who knows how much damage would have been done, if their tails had remained entangled much longer.