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A Solid Morning Routine Will Completely Change Your Day

Waking up can be hard to do, especially for the portion of the population that doesn’t consider the A.M. the most active part of their day. If breakfast has become a mug of cold coffee as you rush to the office, it may be time to rethink how you do mornings.

Tired of hitting snooze multiple times only to be late to work — again? Establishing a productive and rejuvenating morning routine can change the outlook of your entire day, and provide you with long-lasting energy to get you through everything you need to accomplish.

Incorporate some of these tips into your wake-up routine and watch your days completely transform!

Prioritize Hydration And Protein

Most people are strapped for time once the alarm clock goes off, but it’s vital to prepare your body for the day ahead. Our bodies are dehydrated when we wake, so be sure to indulge in a tall glass of water.

Keep your stomach full until lunch with a protein-packed breakfast that is low in sugar. This way you can be focused and energized, without a crash from unnecessary sugar.

Wake Up With Good Intentions

It can be hard to get your head straight when you are tired and groggy, but if you set at least one goal when you wake up, you will be motivated to get it done with confidence. It doesn’t have to be a lofty goal, even just planning to hit the gym after work can feel great once it is checked off.

Setting just one intention for the day makes a world of difference. You can even do it the night before so you are ready to accomplish as soon as you wake!

Get Your Body Moving

There’s no better way to start they day then breaking a sweat. You will feel accomplished if you complete your workout first thing in the morning — and more likely to go through with it at all — and you will be energized to go about your daily tasks.

Choose an exercise you really enjoy. Whether it be restorative yoga or a jog at sunrise, you will feel great and your day will be positive from the start!