A 400-Year Old Secret in Hawaii Accidentally Unveiled by Tourists

Natives to the islands of Hawaii are proud of their heritage, particularly their ancestors who lived on the islands long before European explorers came to the islands. Obviously, there is a lot about that time period that’s unknown, but there are plenty of artifacts that remain that provide clues about the people of Hawaii from hundreds of years ago. Little did the people of Hawaii know that in 2016, two tourists from Texas would accidentally discover a hidden piece of Hawaiian history.

A Beam of Light

While trying to pay attention to the sunset, Lonnie became distracted. If you’ve ever seen an Oahu sunset, you know it takes a lot to draw your attention elsewhere. Taking away Lonnie’s attention was a beam of light. That’s all it was, a beam of light. But it took Lonnie’s eyes to something he never thought he’d see. “For some reason, there was a beam of light… just a beam,” said Lonnie. “I just turned my head. I said, ‘Look!’ It was just a stroke of luck.” So what did this beam of light reveal?

A Petroglyph!

The beam of light had drawn Lonnie’s attention to a petroglyph that had been carved onto the rocks right on the coastline. Petroglyphs are not necessarily a rare thing. In fact, they can be found in countless locations all over the world. They are carved onto rocks and associated with pre-historic people. The catch is that if they exist, we usually know about them. But Mark and Lonnie hadn’t heard about any petroglyphs being on this stretch of beach in Oahu. If not for that beam of light, it may never have been found at all.